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Juxtaposed Interiors Is A Full Service Boutique Interior Decorating Firm Located In Rocklin CA. We Want To Help Everyone Design A Beautiful Life Through Our Classic Design Style.

Didn't Make The Cut

Didn't Make The Cut came into the world in January 2017 after having the craziest 2016 ever with design revisions, client selections and overall some of the best client commentary ever! If you have never used a decorator, let me just tell you now-be prepared to be flexible, have A LOT of humor and realize that decorating your special space is a process with lots of choices and changes. However in the end, you will reach the common goal and that is a beautiful space. It's a lot of fun to work with a decorator and I highly recommend it. You will be introduced to things you have never thought of and learn a whole new world that is out there, as well you might find a few new things out about yourself along the way! Enjoy this lighthearted monthly post, 

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